SWIS data services

The service SWIS is a collection of APIs for serving your needs!

Data from the web

The SWIS service searches the world wide web and extracts with state-of-the-art technologies (machine learning and deep-learning methods) infrastructure data from websites and documents. Extracted data is enriched by adding geo-positions, descriptions, categories, opening hours, etc.

Geocode services

Use our Geocode API to convert addresses (e.g., street address) into geographic coordinates (e.g., latitude and longitude). This can be used to place markers on a map or to position a map.

Address extraction

Use our address extraction service to get postal addresses from a given URL. 

Data Analysis

We turn your unused data into value!

Process Mining

For discovering process models to visualize the user behavior based on internal (event logs from own applications) and external (from weather sensors or web) data.


Development of recommenders which can seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

Big Data

Making massive amounts of unconsidered unstructured data interpretable by structuring them and improving their quality, for example by determining duplicates.