SWISDATA is a digital research and development organisation that works on various aspects of the digital transformation in Europe. Our non-profit organization was founded by a group of experts who have a passion for research, innovation and digital development in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis and process mining, social equality, sustainability, nature protection, energy, mobility, health, culture, economy and agriculture. Our mission is to support Europe's digital transformation by providing high-quality digital services that benefit both, rural and urban areas. We also aim to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange with universities and research institutions across the Europe. Additionally, teaching plays as well as fundamental role, either on university level or enterprises to transfer know-how.

We are a research institution for the FFG Innovation Voucher in Austria

If you are an Austrian company you can get the FFG Innovationsscheck/Innovation Voucher (worth up to EUR 10.000,–) where we develop as research partner your innovative venture.

The voucher is earmarked by a non-repayable subsidy up to EUR 12.500,– while the funding intensity is 80% by the FFG. E.g., with a project volume of EUR 12.500, EUR 10.000,- (=80%) are funded by the FFG after a payment of EUR 2.500,- (=20%).


Such solutions are in many cases used as proof of concept for developing novel products/services, or as precondition for competitive project proposals for further fundings. We are keen to help you finding the right funding strategy and financing for your innovations as well.


For more information about the FFG Innovationsscheck/Innovation Voucher see also the following links to FFG.

Our focus

  • We are a research and development company that focuses on AI and data analysis
  • We provide digital developments in various fields, such as sustainability, energy, mobility, health, culture, economy, agriculture and tourism
  • We focus on education, professional skills and growth, as well as student support 
  • We aim to bridge the digital gap between rural and urban regions based on EU standards and best practices
  • We promote social equality and inclusion through our projects and activities

Our partners

Rural regions, cities and enterprises which we connect through public funded projects. We also do consulting form them to support innovation and their digital transformation in Europe.

We cooperate with universities and research centres across Europe to exchange knowledge and to improve the state-of-the-art through research activities, like writing peer-reviewed research papers and attending on conferences.

What we offer to you

Leading Partner

We are in a position to lead European projects with large consortia, in which we also take on the role of coordinator.

Digital Services

Our digital services cover various domains and needs. Under free license we aim to make our developments available to the public.

Open Data

We aim to foster open data and make our research findings accessible to the public.


We are committed to sharing our knowledge and insights to the public. We use our resources to contribute to the common good.

The benefits you get with us

Our vision

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